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Coping in a COVID-19 Environment

It’s not new information that to adapt to this new environment, you have to alter the traditional methods of carrying on a business – and your lifestyle. The buzzword in business right now is “pivot”. But what does pivot really mean? For some it may represent a new way of trading. For others, adding new product lines or services and for some, readjusting their entire business outlook.

Whichever you are, the fundamental approach is creating new ways to remain trading, remain open, remain an employer – thereby contributing to your staff well-being and financial independence.  Some businesses have the ability to do this easily whilst others need more work.

At Casper’s Pies & Pastries, the company identified an area of the business, once tested but never fully implemented – retail sales and home delivery. After some initial panic meetings to fast-track a solution, the company took a step back and evaluated the logistics and processes to do it right. This involved changing the website (which also benefited the rest of the site (wholesale)) by improving the layout, design and functionality.

The next step involved partnering with another company to expand on the product offering to appeal to a wider audience. This had the additional benefit of drawing upon their database to exponentially expand the potential customer reach.

A campaign to promote then followed via social media, influencers and advertising to explain the new items on offer and delivery details. The process was involved and complex at times, however the result was worth the effort.

An unplanned (to a degree) positive outcome will be the promotion of the company post-virus when the world begins returning to a semblance of normality. A wider demographic will understand who the company is, what its values are and how it can benefit them in the future – all priceless marketing in any industry.

What will the future hold and how successful this will be, are yet to be seen but the hope is that the effort for those willing to make the sacrifice will pay dividends when it matters most.


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