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Mental Health and Staying Positive

Its a sad and gloomy time and waking up each say with a smile or positive attitude is increasingly difficult, especially for those without work or with closed businesses. To be able to create a positive emotional state in such times, not only proves challenging for most, but also does not come naturally to a lot of people.

After listening to a radio segment yesterday that focused on mental health and ways to combat it, I loved the notion that music, among other things, is a valuable source of positive mental strength through the emotive responses evoked through the right type of music for you. It got me thinking about my own experiences and the negativity surrounding my world right now and it rings true that when I listen to music that uplifts me, the negative thoughts are diminished or eliminated.

I went further in the thought process to consider other things in my life that bring a smile to my face; my kids and wife for example. Coming home from work knowing I will be with them, makes me happy. Fridays – make me really happy. I love Fridays – especially after a busy week. Watching my team play great football (although this can also work in the opposite too – so its a gamble) but nevertheless, sitting down with a cold beer and some snacks before a game – makes me happy.

There are lots of things that one must draw upon to maintain the most positive outlook for oneself in order to combat depression and anxiety as much as possible. These factors are more damaging, harmful and expensive than any other and it is so important to try and create a positive mental attitude.

Stay safe and happy everyone and try focus on the good in your life right now and if you can’t, seek help from the many agencies that provide this like Beyond Blue and Lifeline. Don’ be afraid or shy to call and ask for help.


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