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Proper Processes Provide Perfection

There is really only one way to operate a successful business, and that is to do things right. Shortcuts rarely provide positive outcomes. Creating processes and systems that are followed and engaged, usually ends with successful results.

A good system is one that breaks down important aspects of the business operations and creates procedures for each step comprehensively. The idea is that almost anyone can make reference to the system instructions and complete a task or series of tasks. The KISS principle must apply here, avoiding complex jargon and information making it difficult to follow. The simpler, the better. Stick to the facts.

Simply putting words on paper and filing it on the shelf is pointless. The systems must be transparent, accessible and relevant. This can be in multiple formats including hard copy and soft – as long as it is easy to access by the right people. The system information manual must be located at or near the task to which it represents making it relevant to the operation.

“If you do a job, do it right!” – This is an adage that is steadfast. It is seen way too often that shortcuts are taken to complete a job quicker or cheaper and rarely does the outcome meet the brief. All too often poor management is to blame. Staff must be adequately trained in how to accurately follow a system. If this is done right at the start, the benefits will flow thereafter.


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